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Lipo-Light Weight Loss of Toms River

Slim, Shape, Tone...Eliminate Fat Without Surgery!

Customer Testimonials

My daughter's wedding was coming up and my dress was one size too small. My Lipo-Light sessions helped me lose the weight I needed to fit in time for the big day. The staff was so wonderful and accommodating. It made going to my appointments a pleasure!

Josephine W.

I am excited to write this review to let everyone know that Lipo-Light really works! I have already lost one and a half inches after only 4 sessions. At first I was skeptical that I could lose inches by simply laying down and relaxing, but the results speak for themselves. I find myself looking forward to coming in not only for those results, but for the friendly staff. Sandy, the technician, is great. She made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. I would recommend Lipo-Light to anyone looking for an easy, non-invasive way to shed inches. It is worth it!

Adele C.

Lipo-Light is easy and painless. I lost 2 inches in the stubborn belly fat area after my first measurement! The staff is great and makes you feel at home.

Lorraine B.

I started my Lipo-Light treatments in December of 2013 as part of a comprehensive diet and exercise plan. When I first began I was 217 lbs and since then i have nearly reached my original goal of 185 lbs. I have been gaining visible muscle definition from a one hour daily exercise regimen with extended weekend workouts and i believe the Lipo-Light is, and will continue to be, and effective part of my treatment, exercise and diet regimen.

John B.

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my overall appearance. I am a fairly active person, with a normal BMI. I had thought this might not work for me - that it may only be intended for someone with a lot of body fat. The results speak for themselves. After only 6 sessions i have lost almost 3 inches on my stomach! Everyone who works here is pleasant and i loved coming in for my appointments. I would highly recommend Lipo-Light to anyone who is feeling unhappy with their physical appearance.

Michele G.

I have been attempting to lose a few unwanted inches of body fat from my waistline for the past five years. I have a good diet and follow an exercise program that includes resistance training, aerobics, and yoga. I also ride a bicycle whenever I can. In spite of my efforts I could not seem to burn off those last few inches.

While my weight and total body fat percentage are in the normal range, I decided to try Lipo-Light to see if it could help me achieve my goal. I signed up for 8 sessions which were performed twice a week. At the end of my treatment I lost just over 2 inches from my stomach area. I can see the makings of a six-pack. At 61, that's pretty good.

The facilities at Toms River Lipo-Light are first class. The staff is professional and very welcoming and friendly. I would recommend the Lipo-Light treatment as part of a diet and exercise program that will yield positive results. Thank you.

Mike G.

After several years of dieting and exercise combined, losing my belly fat has been really a challenge to me. I decided to give Lipo-Light a try, although i was very skeptical initially. I started feeling more toned after 2 sessions, and after 4 sessions of Lipo-Light I lost almost 3.5 inches around my stomach. I would highly recommend this to anybody who wants to jump start their weight loss program. The staff at Lipo-Light is extremely warm and friendly, and my overall experience has been very satisfying.

Nandhini B.

Lipo-Light is a great tool to help fight the "battle of the bulge". Kara, the technician, is pleasant and puts you at ease. A very relaxing experience too!

Laurice G.

Started my Lipo-Light sessions on April 30th and wasn't really sure what to expect...but it was really worth it! I am finishing up this week (5/27/14) and very excited to see the final results! Kara has been amazing - so kind and courteous! She's so easy to talk to and makes the appointments breeze by! I will recommend this to anyone looking to slim down and tone up...relaxing and effective! Two thumbs up!

Lorraine M.

I really enjoyed my Lipo-Light experience. I stumbled upon it randomly and figured i would give it a try. I figured this would help kick start my new work out regimen to get me ready for summer. The staff was so nice as soon as i walked in. The experience was really relaxing and there was absolutely no pain. After only 4 sessions I lost 3 inches off my waist. I will most definitely do this again!

Dionna A.

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